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Amazon Prime User and Revenue Statistics (2021)


Amazon Prime launched in 2005 as an Amazon membership service offering free two-day shipping.

It gained limited customer traction during the first years, but after 2011 it started quickly taking off. And now has more than 150 million members across 19 countries.

Prime membership has evolved and now includes streaming, shopping, reading, and other benefits besides free shipping.

You’ll find out the latest information about Amazon Prime growth and usage data in this roundup. After reading these stats, you’ll better understand how Amazon manages to register over $25 billion from subscription fees alone.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

Amazon Prime Statistics (Top Picks)

  • Amazon has over 150 million Prime members.
  • Sales during Prime Day on Amazon reached $10.4 billion in 2020.
  • Amazon Prime is available in 19 countries as of 2020.
  • Amazon registers $25.21 billion in annual revenue from retail subscription fees.

US Amazon Prime Subscribers

According to eMarketer estimates, Amazon has 148.6 million Amazon Prime Members in the US as of 2021. An increase of 49.05% from 99.7 million in 2017.

Based on eMarketer forecasts, the number of Amazon Prime users in the US is expected to reach 153.1 million by 2022, an annual growth of 3%.

Here’s the table with Amazon Prime user growth in the US:

YearNumber of users
201325 million
201440 million
201554 million
201665 million
201799.7 million
2018112.1 million
2019124 million
2020142.5 million
2021148.6 million
2022153.1 million

Sources: eMarketer, Statista.

Amazon Prime Day Sales

Launched in 2015, Prime Day is an annual deal event available exclusively to Prime members.

According to Digital Commerce 360 estimates, sales on Amazon during Prime Day reached $10.40 billion in 2020. An increase of 42.25% from $7.16 billion a year earlier.

Sales of 2020 Prime Day were 4.3 times higher than the same event held in 2017.

Here’s the table on sales growth of Amazon Prime Day since 2015:

YearGross sales on Amazon during Prime Day
2015$0.9 billion
2016$1.52 billion
2017$2.41 billion
2018$4.19 billion
2019$7.16 billion
2020$10.40 billion

Source: Digital Commerce 360.

eMarketer also covers data on Amazon Prime Day sales performance, providing slightly different estimates.

Based on eMarketer findings, sales on Amazon during Prime Day reached $9.91 billion in 2020.

According to the eMarketer estimates, Prime Day sales have grown by 139.95% compared to the 2018 deal event.

Here’s the table with Amazon Prime Day sales growth since 2016, as estimated by eMarketer:

YearGross sales on Amazon during Prime Day (worldwide)
2016$1.5 billion
2017$2.47 billion
2018$4.13 billion
2019$6.93 billion
2020$9.91 billion

62.26% ($6.17 billion) of total Prime Day sales represented revenue from the US market, while the remaining 37.74% ($3.74) originated from international markets in 2020.

Here’s the table with Amazon Prime Day sales growth in the US, including share (in %) since 2016:

YearGross sales on Amazon during Prime Day in the US
2016$0.99 billion (66%)
2017$1.59 billion (64.37%)
2018$2.62 billion (63.44%)
2019$4.32 billion (62.34%)
2020$6.17 billion (62.26%)

Here’s the table with Amazon Prime Day sales growth in non-US, including share (in %) since 2016:

YearGross sales on Amazon during Prime Day in non-US
2016$0.5 billion (34%)
2017$0.88 billion (35.63%)
2018$1.51 billion (36.56%)
2019$2.61 billion (37.66%)
2020$3.74 billion (37.77%)

Source: eMarketer.

Most popular purchases on Amazon during Prime Day

During 2020 Amazon Prime Day (Oct. 13-14), the Echo Dot speaker was the most popular purchase worldwide.

Here’s the list of Prime Day top sellers in select countries:

CountryItem category
AustraliaSmart bulbs
Germany and AustriaCoffee Beans
SingaporeRed wine
United Arab EmiratesMouthwash
United StatesCard games

Source: Amazon.

Amazon Prime revenue

Amazon Prime revenue cannot be entirely isolated. However, Amazon does disclose the net sales of all subscription services, including Amazon Prime related membership fees, digital video, audiobooks, digital music, e-books, and other subscription services (excluding AWS).

YearAnnual net sales of subscription services
2014$2.76 billion
2015$4.47 billion
2016$6.39 billion
2017$9.72 billion
2018$14.17 billion
2019$19.21 billion
2020$25.21 billion

Sources: Amazon, Statista.

In how many countries is Amazon Prime available?

Amazon Prime is available in 19 countries as of 2020.

Here’s the table with international expansion milestones of Amazon Prime since 2007:

CountryYear of Amazon Prime launch
Germany, Japan, United Kingdom2007

Sources: Amazon, Wikipedia.


That’s all for my Amazon Prime growth statistics.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new about Amazon Prime membership from this page. While Amazon is a publicly traded company, the information they provide on their membership program is relatively limited. I’ve done my best to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Amazon Prime in one place.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Any questions or comments about this collection of Amazon Prime statistics? Or something else you think is missing from this stats page?

Either way, feel free to leave a comment below.

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