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How Many People Shop on Etsy in 2021?


Etsy is a leading e-commerce platform for buying and selling unique handmade items.

The marketplace, which was founded in 2005, now connects 81.9 million buyers to 4.36 million sellers.

Overall, Etsy generated $10.28 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2020. That’s a 32.7x increase since 2010.

You’ll find all the latest data on Etsy’s growth on this page. After reading the stats, you should have a better understanding of how the marketplace generates $1.72 billion in annual revenue.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

Etsy Key Stats

  • Etsy processed $10.28 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2020.
  • Mobile transactions account for 61% of Etsy’s gross merchandise sales.
  • Etsy generated $1.72 billion in revenue in 2020.
  • 4.36 million sellers are active on Etsy.
  • Etsy has 81.9 million active buyers.
  • 1,209 employees work at Etsy.

Etsy gross merchandise sales

Etsy processed $10.28 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2020. That’s an increase of 106.84% over the previous year.

Gross sales on the e-commerce platform have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 33.64% since 2013.

Here’s a table showing Etsy’s gross merchandise sales volume since 2005:

Note: From 2019, this includes gross sales from Reverb (an Etsy acquisition).
YearGross merchandise sales
2005$170 thousand
2006$3.8 million
2007$26 million
2008$87.5 million
2009$180.6 million
2010$314.3 million
2011$525.6 million
2012$895.15 million
2013$1.35 billion
2014$1.93 billion
2015$2.39 billion
2016$2.84 billion
2017$3.25 billion
2018$3.93 billion
2019$4.97 billion
2020$10.28 billion

Source: Etsy, Statista.

Etsy new customer sales

New buyers accounted for 46.91% of the entire Etsy user base in 2020. However, they only contributed 16% of gross merchandise sales volume.

Existing Etsy purchasers were responsible for 84% of Etsy’s gross merchandise sales.

Source: Etsy.

Etsy revenue

Etsy generates $1.72 billion in annual revenue. The company’s revenue has increased by 110.07% since 2019.

Since 2015, Etsy’s annual revenue has increased 6.29x.

Here’s a table with complete data on Etsy’s revenue since 2012:

2012$74.6 million
2013$125.02 million
2014$195.59 million
2015$273.5 million
2016$364.97 million
2017$441.23 million
2018$603.69 million
2019$818.79 million
2020$1.2 billion

Source: Etsy, Statista.

How much of Etsy’s revenue comes from the marketplace?

Etsy makes money from its marketplace by charging listing fees, transaction fees and payment processing fees.

The company generated $1.3 billion in marketplace revenue in 2020, which accounts for 75.58% of total revenue.

Etsy’s marketplace revenue has increased 2.19x in the last year.

We’ve charted Etsy’s revenue from marketplace fees since 2012:

YearRevenue (Share)
2012$55.33 million (74.17%)
2013$78.54 million (62.82%)
2014$156.82 million (80.18%)
2015$204.33 million (74.7%)
2016$269.63 million (73.8%)
2017$329.36 million (74.64%)
2018$444.77 million (73.67%)
2019$593.65 million (72.5%)
2020$1.3 billion (75.58%)

Sources: Etsy, Statista.

Etsy services revenue

In addition to marketplace fees, Etsy generates revenue by offering advertising and shipping label services.

Etsy brought in $422.5 million in services revenue in 2020:

YearRevenue (Share)
2012$15.86 million (25.83%)
2013$42.82 million (37.18%)
2014$34.41 million (19.82%)
2015$64.92 million (25.3%)
2016$89.43 million (26.2%)
2017$111.87 million (25.36%)
2018$158.93 million (26.33%)
2019$224.73 million (27.5%)
2020$422.5 million (24.42%)

Sources: Etsy, Statista.

Active buyers on Etsy

Etsy defines an active buyer as a user who has made at least 1 transaction in the past 12 months.

Etsy has 81.9 million active buyers. That’s a 1.77x increase over the previous year, which amounts to an additional 35.55 million users.

In 2012, Etsy had 9.32 million buyers. The active purchaser base has grown in every subsequent year:

YearActive buyers
20129.32 million
201314.03 million
201419.81 million
201524.05 million
201628.57 million
201733.36 million
201839.45 million
201946.35 million
202081.9 million

Source: Etsy.

Etsy active buyers by segment

Etsy had 38 million new buyers in 2020. That’s a 2x increase over the previous year.

Etsy also identifies reactivated buyers: customers who return to make a purchase on the platform after more than a year.

43 million existing or reactivated buyers made a purchase on Etsy in 2020:

SegmentNumber of buyers in 2020 (vs 2019 data)
New38 million (19 million)
Reactivated22 million (13 million)
Existing21 million (14 million)

Source: Etsy.

What is Etsy’s Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a market research index reflecting the likelihood that a customer would recommend a service. Any score above 0 indicates net customer loyalty.

Etsy has an NPS of 59 among buyers.

Source: Etsy.

How many active sellers are on Etsy?

Etsy defines an active seller as a user with at least 1 charge from the company (regarding marketplace or service fees) in the past 12 months.

Etsy reached 4.36 million active sellers in 2020. That’s a 1.98x increase compared to 2019, translating to an additional 2.16 million sellers.

Here’s a table showing the number of active sellers on Etsy since 2012:

YearActive sellers
2012830 thousand
20131.07 million
20141.35 million
20151.56 million
20161.75 million
20171.93 million
20182.11 million
20192.7 million
20204.36 million

Source: Etsy.

Etsy mobile sales

Etsy generates 61% of its gross merchandise sales from transactions on mobile devices. In other words, smartphone and tablet users spend $6.27 billion per year on Etsy.

The share of mobile transactions on Etsy has increased 2.03x since 2013:

YearShare of Etsy sales on mobile devices

Source: Etsy.

Etsy sales volume by region

Etsy identifies an international sale whenever a transaction has a billing address or shipping address outside of the United States.

Etsy generated 36% of its gross merchandise sales from the international (non-US) user base in 2020. That amounts to $3.7 billion.

Here’s a table with complete data on the share of Etsy sales identified as international since 2012:

YearInternational GMS

Source: Etsy.

The Etsy marketplace has more than 50 categories.

The top 6 categories are homewares and home furnishings, jewelry and personal accessories, craft supplies, apparel, beauty and personal care, and paper and party supplies. Together, these account for 80% of overall gross merchandise sales.

Etsy’s largest category is homewares and home furnishings, which contributes $3.2 billion in annual sales. That’s twice as much as the second-largest category (jewelry and personal accessories).

Here’s a complete breakdown of the top categories on Etsy, along with their 2020 year over year growth:

*Note: Etsy marketplace only, excludes mask sales.
CategoryGMS (YoY growth)
Homewares & Home Furnishings$3.2 billion (+118%)
Jewelry & Personal Accessories$1.6 billion (+57%)
Craft Supplies$1.2 billion (+102%)
Apparel$1 billion (+60%)
Paper & Party Supplies$400 million (+32%)
Beauty & Personal Care*$200 million (+180%)

Mask sales on Etsy reached $743 million in 2020.

Source: Etsy.

Etsy listing videos

Etsy introduced a feature enabling video listings in 2020.

Etsy sellers uploaded a total of 3.21 million video listings over the course of the year.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of video listings on Etsy by quarter:

Quarter, yearNumber of video uploads
Q2 2020211 thousand
Q3 20201.3 million
Q4 20201.7 million

Source: Etsy.

How many people work at Etsy?

Etsy has 1,209 employees (excluding an additional 205 employees working at Reverb). The company has increased its employee count by 14.49% since 2019.

59.1% of Etsy employees are between 25 and 34 years old.

Here’s a complete breakdown of Etsy employees by age group:

Age groupShare
24 years and younger3.3%
25-29 years25.3%
30-34 years33.8%
35-39 years21.4%
40-49 years12.9%
50 years and older3.3%

Across all departments, 47.7% of Etsy employees identify as female. 45.3% identify as male. Within engineering teams, 60.2% of Etsy employees are male, and 30.3% are female.

The average salary at Etsy is $107,017 (based on Comparably data estimates).

Etsy employees on an H1-B work-based residency visa have a median salary of $150,000.

Sources: Etsy, Comparably, H1B Salary Database.


That’s it for my list of Etsy stats in 2021.

The e-commerce platform is taking off, thanks to its unique choice of products from sellers across the world.

Particularly during the pandemic, new buyers have flocked to Etsy.

Now I’m going to throw it over to you:

Do you believe Etsy’s growth can be sustained?

I’d also love to hear from you if you think we’ve missed any important facts about Etsy. Or if you have any general questions or feedback.

Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.

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