What you need to know today about the race for a coronavirus vaccine

Keir Metter, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Keir Metter, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. CNN

With some college campuses becoming hotbeds for coronavirus across the United States, universities are trying to gain control of outbreaks.

Since move-in started at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in late August, more than 2,000 students have tested positive for Covid-19, CNN’s Omar Jimenez reported. The campus positivity rate is right around 10%, students are restricted to essential activities only, and there is isolated housing for students who’ve tested positive. 

Freshman Keir Metter is in isolated housing at the university with mild symptoms, and he told Jimenez that it’s difficult for administrators to control students’ activities. 

“They can’t send everyone home, because we’ll spread it all across the country if we do,” Metter said. “Obviously, I don’t want to have Covid, but it seemed kind of inevitable” coming into the school year, he added. 

University Chancellor Rebecca Blank said that the school is continuing to test students and isolate them. “We’re almost certainly going to see significant case numbers continue over this coming week,” she said. 

Testing is free to all students, and it is required now for those living in dorms and in off-campus fraternities and sororities. 

The school said it is investigating more than 380 student violations and reviewing 12 students for emergency suspension, a step that’s been taken at other schools, Jimenez reported.


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